We are a team of professionals who share a dream of quality education for all in India. There is a huge gap in infrastructural facilities in schools in rural areas compared to schools in and around major cities. Truegiv is a platform on which we aspire to bring together schools and philanthropists. CSR for poor child education in delhi . The schools and/or teachers create a project on the website free of cost. We vet every project before it is published on our website.
The Donor then chooses the project he/she is interested in and makes a donation. We purchase the requirements and courier them to school to complete the project. The donor is notified through the different stages of the transaction. The transaction is considered complete only after the donor gets a utilization certificate, invoice and other relevant documents. The entire process is transparent as the donors are aware of every Rupee spent.

Select a Project

Select a project that you like and donate as much or as little as you want.

Procure Goods

Once a project is funded completely, we buy the requested goods ad courier them to school.

Know how your money is spent

The donor gets a utilization certificate, invoice and other relevant documents.

General FAQ's

What We Do?

We are a platform to connect any educational institution/teachers with potential donors. The institutions/teachers can post their requirements on our website. This is done free of cost. The donor then makes a choice of the project and makes a donation. We then purchase the requested goods and courier them to the school.

How it works?

To ensure integrity, we’re there through every step of every project. We vet all requests, purchase each item, and ship materials directly to verified schools. We provide complete details of the utilization of funds. The schools are also verified before they are available for the donors to give donation to.

What is that we charge?

We would keep 10 % of the donation to cover all expenses such as salaries, logistics, administration overheads, maintenance and updation of the website and online gateways expense of 2.5%. We keep a small margin to ensure continuity of operations and account for unplanned expenses.

What educational institutions need to do?

Institutions need to provide the requisite information while logging in to the website and then list down the items required by them along with the quantity required. The institutions can list down from a wide array of items which include sports equipment, Lab equipment, stationary, subject books, Water purifier, water cooler, printer, computer furniture for class rooms, staff rooms and other needs. The school and its credentials will be verified before their requirements are published on the website.

For donors.

Is it possible to part fund a project?

Yes, it is. We will wait till we get the total funds required for that project and then complete the transaction.

Will the donation be considered as CSR expenditure as required by the Companies Act?

Yes, the donation will be part of CSR expenditure of the donor company and will fall under clause “To promote education” as laid down in Schedule VII of the Companies Act.

What is the kind of details we will get?

All donors will receive a utilization certificate along with relevant supporting documents such as purchase invoice, photographs to exhibit the use of funds in completion of the projects of their choice.

Can we visit the institution when making the donation?

Yes. Please let us know about your intention and we will set up a visit with the school at a date and time that is mutually convenient to all concerned parties.

Can we do our branding while making donation?

Yes, you can. The donor however shall be responsible for provision of requisite material for any such branding including stationary, posters and so on.

For Schools/Teachers

Do we have to bear any cost?

No, it’s free of cost for schools and teachers to create a project on the website.

What do we need to do?

Sign up on the webpage, fill the details and put in your requirements and that is it.

Can a single school have more than one requirement?

Yes, it’s possible. There is no limit for the list of requirements that a school or a teacher may have. They will however, be verified before and after they are funded.